5 Ways To Increase Male Sex Drive Naturally With Food, Herbal Supplements And Exercise


A man who feels his sex drive is flagging with weak erections and low sexual desire may immediately turn to his doctor for a prescription pill. Unfortunately, medication manufactured by pharmaceutical companies does nothing to address the causes of low male libido and erection problems. Furthermore, depending on a drug in order to make love is not necessary once you know how to improve your libido naturally.

Low male libido can be caused by poor diet, high blood pressure, bad circulation, hormonal imbalances, medication and drug use. Smoking, alcohol and junk food, prescription medication and being overweight are the symptoms of a poor lifestyle which can negatively impact a man’s sexual desire and tends to weaken erections as the years pass.

Instead of seeking out help and taking risks with pharmaceutical pills which can have dangerous side effects, a natural approach to solving erection problems makes far more sense. Rather than having to depend on a pill and prescription, taking care of what you eat, drink and how you exercise is the perfect place to start. The following advice is designed to help you on the road back to a healthy, strong male libido lifestyle, where you don’t have to depend on prescription pills to achieve solid erections.

1. Exercise for high libido

Once a man reaches his 30s, his metabolism tends to slow down, testosterone levels decrease and the body can become congested. This causes a dip in libido in many men by the time they reach their mid or late 30s. For other men, this can happen at 40 years old. Libido problems are also possible in young men who have poor masturbation habits and who have used recreational drugs too often too young.

Whether you’re young or old, exercising is essential for maintaining a good healthy libido and hard erections. Long, slow workouts are effectively useless. Opt for short, sharp and intense workouts that burn fat at a high rate. Concentrate on circuit training that both burns fat and builds muscle mass. As a result, your body will benefit from improved circulation and higher levels of testosterone from building muscle. Make sure that intense workouts of 45-60 minutes are performed 3 times a week at least. Light exercise in the sunlight (walking at midday) can be done on alternate days for better results.

2. Food for high sex drive

Many men are aware that some foods help to boost their libido. Oysters, which contain zinc are a great example. However, not everyone can afford or even enjoys eating oysters. Instead, stay close to a Paleo regime and avoid white carbs such as pasta, bread and white rice. Increase the intake of vegetables (broccoli, celery, asparagus), raw fruits (bananas) and fish (salmon, anchovies, sardines). Chicken, beef and nuts on occasions are also helpful for boosting libido. Avoid junk food completely and take care to consume only very low amounts of cheese, sugar foods (desserts) and chocolate.

3. Lifestyle for strong sexual desire

Alcohol, recreational drugs (marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine) and prescription medication can all have undesirable side effects when it comes to male libido. Although the libido may not be impacted immediately, after some time the body feels the effect of excessive drinking, smoking cannabis or other street drugs. Low libido can still occur after a man is completely free of any drug use.

Medication used to help regulate blood pressure or control depression can also cause libido problems. If possible, talk to your doctor about changing or stopping any regular medication. Research every drug that you take or might take in the future for potential side effects.

4. Herbal supplements for good sex

Herbal supplements are derived from natural plants and herbs and can be very beneficial when trying to boost libido. The ideal way of taking herbal supplements is to take several different ones and alternate them. Many herbs exist: some boost testosterone, others improve circulation and others act as aphrodisiacs.

5. Detox for best results

Many men, young and old have congested livers that prevent their body functioning as it should do. Pesticides in foods, packaged foods, pollution, drugs and alcohol all conspire to make our livers work harder. After some time, the negative effects can be observed on the libido.

To get optimal results and hard erections that occur more frequently, detoxing the liver with natural herbs and foods can be highly beneficial. The liver can regenerate itself faster with the help of milk thistle and an improved diet. A healthy libido is the desired result that can be obtained by detoxing the liver and the body.

Source by Jonathan Remington Smythe